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"Freedom of Speech

is Freedom of Music." 

                                                        Sun Ra

I started studying and playing music at age of 7, and never stopped since. First the piano, clarinet, saxophone and later the Beg-Pipes and the whole field of composing arranging and producing. Music naturally took over my life thanx to my supportive environment.
In general, i spent the last 20 years performing with some of Israel's highest level of artists, also producing albums, collaborating and touring the world under number of projects such as Balkan Beat Box, Berry Sakharof, BOOM-PAM, Kutiman Orchestra, Shai Tsabari and many more...
Along the way i got to meet up with crazy talented musician-friends and together we formed our own projects such as MALOX, OY DIVISON, Time Grove Ensemble and Eyal Talmudi Quintet which cover different styles and go in many directions, from folk to Jazz and global beat, lyrical or experimental - music from the inner space...
My passion lays where the music and the audience meet, whether its an album, club, a festival or an art gallery, if people listen and the musicians can go wild - im there! 
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